Leema Plumbing & Heating Inc. offers excellent plumbing, heating and sprinkler services.

What Can We Offer You?

Our plumbing technicians are trained to offer expert residential and commercial services. Currently, we provide following services:

Plumbing services

We deal with both commercial and residential plumbing repairs and replacements. From fixing leaking faucets to drain and chimney cleaning, we take care of every plumbing job! Our skilled and reliable technicians will fix any plumbing issue quickly from a clogged drain to a ground up new construction…

Heating services

Centralized heating, boiler repairs, installations and replacements are not easy jobs! We have some of the most experienced people working on our team. Leave the heating repairs to them for quick, worry-free services…

Fire Sprinkle Services

Your home deserves the best services. We are experts in sprinkler installation and repairs, offering excellent services. our technicians know how to clean out the sprinkler system, so water can flow at your will…

What Can You Expect When You Choose Leema?

Not all plumbing companies offer the excellence we do! Our skilled workers are licensed, insured and always there on time. Whether you want us to check a plumbing leak or schedule an inspection, our technicians will be there, equipped with the latest tools.

Joining hands for plumbing maintenance, we ensure your home or commercial space is safe against plumbing emergencies. Stay on top of your facility’s plumbing and heating needs by giving us a call today!

We provide plumbing, heating and sprinkler services you can trust! Call us now for residential and commercial services at 718 726 0191.