Five Reasons Why You May Have A Leaky Faucet

Five Reasons Why You May Have A Leaky Faucet

Faucets are an important part of your house plumbing system. A dripping faucet can be quite annoying and results in an increase in your water bills—not to mention the wastage!
According to studies, leaks can result in loss of about 10,000 gallons of water. Water leakage can result in significant damage to the building structure and the internal walls of your house.
Fixing a faucet helps homeowners reduce the water bill by ten percent. Therefore, you cannot afford to take a leaky faucet lightly.
Here are some of the reasons for leaky faucets:

Problem with the O-ring

Excessive use over a period of time results in the O-ring wearing out. This leads to the faucets leaking. A stem screw is what holds the faucet’s handle in place. When the O-ring wears out, water starts leaking near the handle. To fix this problem, the O-ring needs to be replaced. This problem occurs more commonly in cartridge faucets.

Broken Plumbing

This problem is not very common, but there are times when faucets start leaking because of damage to the plumbing.
The pipes may have cracks in them, which affect the flow of water and lead to faucets dripping. In such cases, seek the services of professionals who will help in repairing broken pipelines.

Water pressure

If you notice that the faucet drips at a certain time during the day, then you might want to check the water pressure.
High water pressure is one of the reasons why your faucets might be dripping. The excess pressure prevents the water from flowing to a certain point, leading to a blockage. The water needs to flow from somewhere, leading to a leakage in the faucet.

Worn-out seal

The seals are an important part of faucets. After years of frequent usage, sediment accumulates in the assembly, as a result of which, the seals wear out.
This leads to the leakage of the faucets. This problem is avoidable. Regularly get the sediments cleaned to ensure that the faucets are working properly. A plumber can replace the worn out seal as well.

A worn-out washer

A worn-out washer is another major reason behind a dripping faucet. The use of a washer results in it going against the valve seat.
The frequent friction causes the washer to wear out. Repairing the worn out rubbers prevents the faucets from dripping. Replacing the washer completely can also help solve the problem of dripping faucets.
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