Professional Fire Sprinkler Installation and Service!

If you’re looking to install a fire sprinkler system or need repairs for an already installed one, you’ve come at the right place!

Safety comes first whether you’re managing a commercial facility or own a house. If you’re looking to install a new sprinkling system or have to get an existing one repaired, our experts can take care of the job!

We’re qualified to answer your sprinkler questions and repair various parts to ensure a smooth jet of water!

Residential Sprinkler Services

In our experience, homeowners want to ensure that their families remain safe. Fire incidents can also cause havoc, ruining furniture and other precious items around the house. We have experience of working with a variety of systems, so we can get the repairs and installations done quickly. In case of sprinkler troubles, call our technicians right away. We can help you maintain the sprinkler system and keep your home and family safe!

Commercial Sprinkler Services

We offer complete commercial sprinkler services; installations, repairs and maintenance. Our practical experience with a variety of commercial sprinklers has trained us to fix almost all issues. We help you keep your facility safe with correctly installed sprinkler systems. We also ensure long-term service through proper maintenance and repairs. This will reduce your management costs as well as help comply with the applicable standards. Say yes to fire protection and call our sprinkle technicians today!

Call Leema Plumbing & Heating Inc. For Professional Services!

We’re available for both residential and commercial services from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. You can avail our services through the week, at highly affordable prices. We ensure you only receive the best services. Our technicians are friendly and deliver quick services, without compromising on quality ever! Give us a call at 718-726-0191 for reliable fire sprinkler installation and repair services.