The Benefits Of Installing Fire Sprinkler Systems For Businesses

The Benefits Of Installing Fire Sprinkler Systems For Businesses

1,342,000 incidents of fire were reported in the United States back in 2016. As a result of these incidents, 3,390 people lost their lives. 14,650 suffered injuries. These fires also caused property damage worth 10.6 billion USD.

According to research, only thirty five percent of businesses have a proper fire protection plan. Companies are responsible for providing a safe and secure environment for their employees.

Therefore, it is important that they undertake measures to ensure that they are able to deal with such emergencies. One way in which you can ensure safety of your employees and business from fire is through fire sprinkler systems.

Here is a look at some of the benefits of fire sprinkler systems:

Helps reduce property damage

A fire sprinkler system consists of a water supply system, which activates, and releases water, when the sensor detects smoke from the fire.

This system is designed for two purposes, which are:

  • Controlling the fire until the fire department arrives and exhausts the combustible elements.
  • Suppressing the fire in order to reduce the temperature of the building and release the heat.

This way fire sprinkler systems help in ensuring that your expensive equipment stays safe.

They don’t require extensive maintenance

Annual inspection is the only maintenance that fire sprinkler systems require. All you need to do is consult professionals who visit your premises and inspect the condition of the sprinklers.

Usually fire sprinkler systems tend to last for years before they require any kind of repairs.

Fire sprinkler systems are not very expensive

A major benefit of fire sprinkler systems is the fact that they are not very expensive. The installation charges are the only expenses that you incur when it comes to fire sprinkler systems. There are no monthly charges or any kind of fee that you need to pay.

They help save money

Sometimes people who sustain injuries in fires can file personal injury lawsuits against the company. Not only are these claims costly but they also ruin the image of the company in the eyes of the general public.

Fire sprinkler systems help prevent financial problems that companies might suffer due to personal injury claims.

They prevent loss of life

Fire sprinkler systems help in evacuation since they raise the fire alarms, which alert people about the fire so that they are able to exit the building in time.

Fire sprinkler system can save lives because of which you need to make sure that you have them installed in your office. Contact us at 718-726-0191. We offer fire sprinkler services in Westchester County.

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